Viper Logic Corp.
Viper Logic Domain Names
Viper Logic maintains a portfolio of domain names for future use. We feel that a good domain name is crucial for the success of a new website so we have been registering names for many years which are available for future projects.
Domain Name Purchasing Help and Suggestions
Looking for some assistance in registering a domain name. Visit our website here that contains 11 easy steps for domain name purchasing help and suggestions.
Viper Logic is a Software and Hardware Engineering firm that specializes in the design and development of Software and Hardware solutions. Founded in May of 1993, Viper Logic has also provided Engineering resources to a diverse customer base, including computer OEM's, software firms and hardware manufactures.
  • Over 20 Years experience in Software Development and Hardware Design Services.
  • Specializing in Website, Device Driver and Firmware Development.
  • Windows, Linux and Embedded Platforms.
  • C#, C++, C, Java, VB, Assembly...
  • HTML 5, PHP, .NET, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL...
Our Software Development expertise in writing low-level software code, while not usually understood is one of a necessity in performance, integrity and reliability for today's high-speed information infrastructures and the flow of data. As a focused group, we have solved and are continually solving an increasing amount of engineering challenges.
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